For Authors

We are pleased to welcome you contributing to the NEW FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY!


The New Frontiers in Chemistry (New Front. Chem.) journal accepts manuscripts only in English; they should be submitted in electronic form via e-mail to


Due to the Editorial processing capabilities only the final .DOC documents can be considered for publication. The editing (.doc) Template is HERE available and highly recommended for being used for each submission since considerably shorten the publication time for accepted papers. All received papers will be acknowledged within 1-2 working days; the best efforts will be made to shrink the peer-review process and the final decision on publishing within 2-4 weeks from receiving acknowledgement. The accepted papers are promptly listed together with the citations refereeing the journal volume and issue where will be published. 


The New Frontiers in Chemistry (New Front. Chem.) journal publishes the featured points such as:

  • Papers addressing a broad fundamental interest in chemical XXI fundamental and inter-disciplinary fields, which – along the classical chemical disciplines include mathematical-chemistry, physical-chemistry, biological-chemistry, medicinal-chemistry, pharmaceutical sciences, chemical engineering, and nano-chemistry at large;

  • Papers addressing experimental non-routinely analysis with potential impact in further technical progress and chemical structures’ knowledge, also in related with various sub-disciplines (inorganic-, organic-, analytical-, environmental-, clinical-, spectroscopy, etc.) are equally envisaged;

  • Papers combining theoretical with experimental findings and techniques will be given first priority and will be Editor’s marked in on-line and  print editions;

  • Short communications are given fast track processing and, once accepted, will be published under “rapid communication” label in on-line and  print editions;

  • Each issue will benefit of some thematic or invited Review such that the issue to be flexible used in the hands of scholars and researchers alike;

  • Additional chemical data and structure information may be deposited as Supplementary material on the journal download and freely available;

  • Open access publication will be offered for accepted articles without publication or processing fee, while the journal will run also as in-print limited (and on demand) edition;

  • The peer review will maintain the international rigor, assuring the best satisfaction for published authors having accepted their best manuscripts as well to the international community benefiting for the first-rated published information;

  • 2 journal issues per year are initially envisaged, including special issues dedicated to world-wide recognized personalities contributing chemical fields’ advancement;

  • Thematic issues or conference proceedings are under journal purview as well, with any proposal in this respect being highly welcomed by Editor-in-Chief;

  • Highly cited authors for their papers in New Frontiers in Chemistry (New Front. Chem.) will be offered editorial chair in the Editorial Board of the Journal.